Title of a 2001 novel by Hal Niedzviecki. Also the name of the title character, in a book about his relationship with Debs. Written when Niedzviecki was in late 20s.

Never heard of the author or the book. Came across a review by Kevin Bolger, “The harrowing of Hal”. Globe and Mail, September 8, 2001, p. D10. Thought I recognized the reviewer, so read the review. Now hope to read the book:

{Debs] convinces Ditch, who knows she is crazy, but is also in her thrall, to steal his work van, withdraw all his savings and join her on a desperate pilgrimage back to the scene of whatever horror she has been fleeing.

…To convincingly render such a bizarre character as Debs, and to make it psychologically credible that Ditch would be so swayed by her, represent Herculean challenges–which Niedzviecki pulls off with countless intelligently imagined, realistic scenes.

Turns out that the book was made into a 2013 movie, Hard Drive, starring Douglas Smith as Ditch and Laura Wiggins, also known as Laura Slade Wiggins, as Debs:

Bit of roughside, in a movie that seems to have come and gone…


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