James Tissot (1836-1902)
Rich Man and Lazarus

Learned about Sheol for the first time, when Lorne Anderson referenced the Book of Isaiah in relation to “(In)vulnerable” sentiments. Seems like a place that is neither Heaven nor Hell…some particular limbo or purgatory?

Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows:

Interesting that on the first illustration to the Wikipedia article on Sheol, you see God and the poor man Lazarus looking down at the rich man, tormented in Hell. Yet this is supposedly illustrating the statement that all people, good and bad, go to Sheol, a neutral (no punishment) place where all are separated from God. So the illustration is quite the opposite. It is just the rich man, non-benevolent and unrighteous in life, who is separated from God.

I’ve heard of Sheol before but I think in the archaeology of knowledge it is earlier than our current beliefs. I think it is pre-resurrectional.

Sheol sounds like Hades of the ancient Greeks; across the Styx. Coin under tongue to pay the boatman.

From waiting till the Last Day, to faster processing.

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