Joe Perry, in relation to the band’s manager, Tim Collins, after Collins had succeeded in getting all band members sober and returning them to career success:

When it became obvious that our sobriety was holding, Tim faced a dilemma: how to keep us dependent on him. His method was to keep lighting ground fires, while casting himself in the role as the only one capable of putting them out.

In short, this amazing and inspiring story of a crazy rock band embracing sobriety had somehow morphed into a twisted psychodrama.

Reminders of some religious perspectives. We saved you; now we own you. Then thinking about the Mormons who saved a family member from alcoholism, and never made any claim to anything. Or Father Paul Baxter (later Monsignor), visiting in the hospital, never asking “When are you coming back?”

Particular integrity and strength, where no ownership claim in the rescue.

True saviour makes no one a slave.


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