Uncredited Photo
“Photo prise le soir du 7 octobre 2016 dans les toilettes du Red Lion’s.”
Vet’s Tour : « It’s Not Peer-Pres­sure, It’s Just Your Turn »
Par Yasmine Mehdi
La Rotonde, 17 Octobre 2016

Saw her on the national news, in relation to the Vet’s Tour report in La Rotonde the student newspaper, and the resulting national concerns.

Yasmine Mehdi. Have referenced her earlier.

Found a March 7, 2016 article in La Rotonde, under the cover title of “Le Déficit Imaginaire”, “Allan Rock panique, l’Université essuierait-elle un deficit?”, which had impressed me with respect to the analysis of budgeted versus actual results over a nine year period. Demonstrating the potential unreasonableness of budgetary assumptions, particularly when budgets are used strategically and where more public attention is paid to the budget, rather than to the later, actual results. Good article to reference in managerial accounting and accounting theory courses.

Looked for the byline. There she is again: Yasmine Mehdi.

Examples of potential powerful convergence if one blends student expertise and university resources with the larger news expertise…


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