Photo by Randy Quan, 2001

“All my family was saying, ‘Retire, retire.’ Since I was 65 and I sold the theatres on Eighth Street — I had two Duffy’s theatres on Eighth Street and Grosvenor. That was a bunch of foolishness. I should have never listened to the family.”

Duffy Besenski, 91, on coming out of retirement in 2016 to build another drive-in theatre, in the Saskatoon area.

Remember that Saskatoon 8th Street Drive-in. Back before there were any houses around. Used to watch the screen from the nearby street; can’t remember if much was heard.

Still, this idea of a huge screen, projecting images into a neighbourhood, for a youth to regard…

Hence the image from a 2001 Toronto Star article on the 5 Drive-In, in Oakville, brings something back.

This marvel, across distance and sunset



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