What would be lost

Comments from a friend:

…but really, what would be lost…I see a whole lot of blogs floating around in the nether world in the future, writers long gone, Of course, it may all make for interesting research someday, providing it all stays accessible.

Benefit of getting some ideas or reflections down, at a time when one can place them in context and where there is a period of reflection. Not waiting for formally published memoirs, plus the restrictions as to who gets formally published.

Though when one searches as to the perceived benefits of blogging, very much is about the benefits to you, you and you.

Going from the therapeutic to the altruistic expositional.

One hopes.

And one hopes that the exercise is not simply that of some self-absorbed smartass.

Though how would some self-absorbed smartass know?

Says Steven Tyler, in a purported autobiography, depending on one’s view of coherence (“He can’t stay on the same topic longer than a sentence or two, as he swerves from mystical hippie rambles to borscht belt jokes at warp speed.”):

So, after falling off the stage, everyone got so mad at me no one in the band called me for twenty-seven weeks. I’m not sure how deep I would want to go with this, but it’s just fucking ironic, isn’t it, that not one of those fucks came to see what was going on with me, and when I asked them a couple of months ago, “What the fuck?”, they said, “Well, we were angry at you!” Angry? They were angry at me for falling off the stage? That was the best that they could come up with.

What would be lost…


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