Fan Letter

Once knew someone at the beginning of her acting career. She later achieved international success as a voice actress. Didn’t know her then, and don’t know her now.

Somebody saw her in an early play, not one on a major stage. Wrote her a fan letter, which I recall was delivered after a performance. Don’t recall if he delivered personally. Do recall how much the letter was treasured, and saved. Focus on her talent, with respect and distance. Perhaps enamoured, but not going there. Gave her a degree of reinforcement that she was on the right path. As she was.

At any point in a person’s career, expressions of admiration, genuinely conveyed and from a distance, seem to mean a lot. As opposed to the loveyourmusicimyourgreatestfan hotchahotcha.

Recall receiving a non-hotcha communication from a former student, twenty years after teaching him. Meant a lot, which started a conversation. Have been thinking about communicating to two accounting academics, based on admiration for their significant contributions to accounting research in both English and French, and where they are originators, rather than recyclers (of their own, or others). Been thinking about this for perhaps three years now. Words to be conveyed in some written form.

Too easy and easily too late to defer, to say “one day”. Necessary accelerations in the last life quarter. Not too many repeat performances to a few yards from the end zone.

Maybe tomorrow…

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