Ever It

Further to recounting his primary school experiences in relation to bullying, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows:

Have you read Stephen King’s It? It’s my favourite of his works. A monster lives under the town and every 30-some years it comes out, consumes a bunch of people, mostly children who are classified as “missing” and then hibernates.

The aspect I’m thinking of in relation to Brunskill and childhood generally is that the townspeople were blithely unaware what was happening to certain loner children and social outcasts. No one ever picked up on the recurring pattern, though it was evident in the newspaper records and histories of the place.

It’s sad to think what could be happening to individual children at the hands of bullies, or sexual deviants, or abusive parents and we teachers, or parents, or citizens never notice. And when it was happening to me I didn’t even realize that the teachers were letting us down. No one ever told me it should’ve their role. It’s only my being a teacher for 40 years that makes me wonder what I might have missed? Are there former students out there who might be wishing I and my peers had been more observant?

In the 1960s:

Many kids had to endure being tormented by their peers, simply because they were different.”


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