From James Kuhnhenn, Knight Ridder Newspapers, “U.S. Democrats accuse Bush of making Iraq issue political”. Toronto Star, September 26, 2002: A10:

The congressional debate over waging war with Iraq lost its bipartisan lustre yesterday in a burst of anger from Democrats, who accused President George W. Bush of maligning their patriotism and politicizing the war on terrorism…

Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, went to the Senate floor to denounce Bush…

Inouye, who lost his right arm in battle during World War II, questioned whether the U.S. Congress should grant Bush unfettered power to use force whether the United Nations approves or not, as the president insists. Inouye suggested that Bush’s doctrine of launching “pre-emptive” attacks against potential enemies before they pose an imminent danger is not consistent with the traditions of the United States.

“To attack a nation that has not attacked us will go down in history as something that we should not be proud of,” said Inouye, who is typically soft-spoken and seldom rises to speak on the Senate floor.

Remembering profile of Daniel Inouye, then a smoker, or once a smoker, showing the one-hand matchbook technique. Adaption; no complaints, though speaking when…


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