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Final at Mosaic

As reported in relation to final Saskatchewan Roughriders game at Mosaic Stadium, Regina, Craig Slater, Canadian Press, “Lions beat Roughriders in final CFL game at Mosaic Stadium“, National Post, October 29, 2016: The Riders, already eliminated from playoff contention, dropped … Continue reading

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What it is

From the publicly-reviewable questionnaire responses of Malcolm Rowe, recommended nominee and recent appointee to the Supreme Court of Canada: To what extent does the role of a Supreme Court of Canada Justice allow for the reconciliation of the need to … Continue reading

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Eating Dogs

From Michael Valpy, “The Fresh Prince”, Globe and Mail, September 28, 2002, pp. F1, F8, in relation to Prince Philip. In an article section of collected faux pas (“Let me rephrase that”): “Do you know they’re now producing eating dogs … Continue reading

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Not, or

Legal colleague said, with a smile: You can refer to the client as white trash. That’s not racist. Dunno…

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31 years

Photo from the Joe Perry autobiography. Much of his life framed by love of and for spouse. Evident here. Married in 1985. Image falls into more than blur

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Title of a 2001 novel by Hal Niedzviecki. Also the name of the title character, in a book about his relationship with Debs. Written when Niedzviecki was in late 20s. Never heard of the author or the book. Came across … Continue reading

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Learned about Sheol for the first time, when Lorne Anderson referenced the Book of Isaiah in relation to “(In)vulnerable” sentiments. Seems like a place that is neither Heaven nor Hell…some particular limbo or purgatory? Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: … Continue reading

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Major to Minor

From a story by Haley Ritchie, “Winter doc shares stories from streets”, also titled “Winter documentary on Ottawa homeless will make you shiver“, Metro Ottawa, October 24, 2016. Story about amateur filmmaker Stephen Coleman and his work interviewing and filming … Continue reading

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Joe Perry, in relation to the band’s manager, Tim Collins, after Collins had succeeded in getting all band members sober and returning them to career success: When it became obvious that our sobriety was holding, Tim faced a dilemma: how … Continue reading

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Saw her on the national news, in relation to the Vet’s Tour report in La Rotonde the student newspaper, and the resulting national concerns. Yasmine Mehdi. Have referenced her earlier. Found a March 7, 2016 article in La Rotonde, under … Continue reading

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