So somebody pinches your nerves of self-image. Says you aren’t nearly worth what you think you are. Says you need lots of help. Says I have the solution.

But you’re going to have to work through me. And only through me.

And without me, you are nothing.

Basic mantra of bad therapy.

Of bad relationships.

Of many religions.

Catholics acknowledging sin every week; can only get clear through the Catholic process.

Someone says “slave to Allah“, proudly.

This created dependency, that manifests itself in fundamentalist contempt for the essential worth of an individual.

How you live, not how you are whipped by ritual and fear. Not how you are threatened.

Great Spirit and the treasuring of the person. No “do this, or the Hellfire for you”.

Or maybe the Father Fitz message, Catholic in context, but not Catholic in attitude.

Need to be wary of any movement that says you need to be saved, and only through me/us/it…

But never you…

And never the slaver.

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1 Response to Independence

  1. A friend commented as follows (reproduced with permission):

    I feel an urge to comment. I feel an urge to share what I know.

    Now, I am asking myself “why do I feel an urge to comment?”

    What is the answer to the question “everyone claims they are following the right, and the only right channel to God, but it can’t be that they are the only one, or The one”

    I feel I know, but maybe I don’t know. And until I feel I know, and I am sure I know the answer to that question…

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