Renewed Violence

From the Globe and Mail, February 17, 1947, p. 1, as reprinted in the Globe and Mail, February 17, 1999 p. A18:

Renewed Violence Marks Sabbath in Holy Land

Jerusalem, Feb. 16 (AP)–Two slayings, a kidnapping, and one arson attempt, and other violence marked the traditionally quiet Jewish observance of the Sabbath in the Holy Land Saturday.

Tension remained high in anticipation of underground retaliation following confirmation of death sentences for three young Jews convicted of carrying arms.

Assassins’ guns cut down an Arab in Jaffa and a Jew in a near-by community.

Jew Kidnapped

At Peta Tikva, a few miles northwest of Jaffa, two masked Jewish youths armed with machine-guns and pistol entered a café and “forcibly abducted” Avichael Tanouri, another Jew, officials said. The incident was believed connected with recent encounters between Jewish groups urging violence against British authorities and those denouncing terrorism.

At Haifa, principal port city of Palestine, unknown persons set fire to the Hasomer Hatzair Club, an organization strongly opposing terroristic tactics.

In the all-Jewish city of Tel Aviv, which adjoins Jaffa, Maurice Cohen, a custodian, was injured seriously when a booby trap exploded in the basement of a building. Police said the basement had been occupied by two young Jews until six months ago, and had since been locked.

An unofficial report from Tel Aviv said 20 young men who attempted to distribute leaflets of Irgun Zvai Leumi at a meeting hall were attacked by others present and chased from the hall.

Six Wounded

Six persons were wounded in two shootings on Jerusalem’s wide King George Avenue.

Usually reliable informants in Tel Aviv declared that no clemency would be sought by the three young Jews whose death sentences were confirmed by British commander Lt-Gen. Sir Evelyn Barker before he left Palestine for replacement.

These sources said the trio would follow the pattern set by Dov Bela Gruner, Irgun Zval Leumi member sentenced to die for an attack on a Palestine police station in which two persons were killed. An appeal filed on his behalf, however, has resulted in a stay of sentence.

Because of the Sabbath no papers were published in Palestine Saturday and the public was generally non-committal on the British declaration to refer the Palestine case to the United Nations.

Didn’t know so much didn’t


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