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How Long

Comment from a friend: Heavens. Life is such a crap shoot. One never knows how long one has to screw up or make amends… Well I feel like dirty laundry Sending sickness on down the line

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So somebody pinches your nerves of self-image. Says you aren’t nearly worth what you think you are. Says you need lots of help. Says I have the solution. But you’re going to have to work through me. And only through … Continue reading

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Different History

From “Leadership hot unofficial topic”, by Sheldon Alberts, National Post, February 17, 1999, p. A7, in relation to a convention of the United Alternative, a precursor to… …the question of who might lead a new small “c” conservative party in … Continue reading

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Less of you

So many ideas, and where they come from. Such as Mad Men, in the episode “Meditations in An Emergency“, as spoken by Peggy Olson: One day you’re there and then all of a sudden there’s less of you. And you … Continue reading

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How others create the path To where shade is needed Ready to show where the stones should go.

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San Miguel Haruth

From the Globe and Mail, February 17, 1947, p. 1, as reprinted in the Globe and Mail, February 17, 1999, p. A18: 800 Illegal Entrants Put on Deportation Ship Jerusalem, Feb. 17 (Monday)(AP)–Approximately 800 would-be immigrants to Palestine, all lacking … Continue reading

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Already Gone

Make Iraq pay for war, U.S senator says Paul Koring, Washington The Globe and Mail, August 2, 2002, p. A9 Rebuilding a post-Hussein Iraq as a civil, democratic society could could hundreds of billions of dollars, take a decade and … Continue reading

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