Life Story

It’s for your children and grandchildren, but it’s also for yourself, so you can reflect on your own life.

Eugene Perabo, “Great Stories Never Told” participant
Brier Dodge, “Life story project ready for second chapter“. Metro Ottawa, August 25, 2016

Wrote about lost books unwritten here and here. How so many important life memories are not recorded. Different types of lens on particular events.

Then read a story by Brier Dodge on the Life Story Project, “Great Stories Never Told“, by Sonshine Community Ministries. A Christian organization caring for developmentally-challenged people.

Now encouraging the non-challenged elderly, in particular, to get the memories down, in written or video format. Presumably open to anybody.

The first person in the current session: Fazlollah Reza, age 101.

What you said, what you did, what you thought…

In Persian, or otherwise, where the opening seconds are universal…

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