The first song that went directly into my bloodstream was “All for the Love of a Girl”.

Way before the Beatles and the Brit Invasion, when I was nine or ten, I got a little AM radio. But at night up in Sunapee, the wind howled and I couldn’t get the radio stations I wanted, so I ran a wire up to the top of the apple tree. It’s still there! And I picked up WOWO out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and heard “All for the Love of a Girl”. It was the B-side of Johnny Horton’sBattle of New Orleans“.

“All for the Love of a Girl” was a slow pick-and-strum love song with Johnny Horton curling his lips around the lyrics, twanging every word as if it were a guitar string.

It was very basic, almost the archetypal love song. It’s kind of an every-love-song-ever-written ballad. It’s all there in four lines. Bliss! Heartbreak! Loneliness! Despair! I sat in the apple tree and lived every line of it.

Steven Tyler, Does The Noise in My Head Bother You? (2011)

Written by Johnny Horton. Originally released 1958.

Included on The Spectacular Johnny Horton (1959).


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