You feel that feeling

Mad Men - Feel That Feeling

You feel that feeling that you were pretending to have
And it is like your heart is going to explode

Part of a longer sentiment expressed by Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm, in “The Flood“, an episode on Season Six of Mad Men. He is speaking about how, for years, he pretended to love his children, when he didn’t, or didn’t think he did. One afternoon at the movies with his son changed all of that.

A more general sentiment. We pretend to have the emotions and emotional reactions that others expect us to have, and then when we find out that those emotions are actually within us…

Turns out that the sentiments resonate. The sentiments discussed here, plus it turns out that writer Tom Smuts regards this as one of the best Mad Men scenes he ever wrote–or, in this case, co-wrote, with co-producer and show creator Matthew Weiner.


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