Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows:

When I think about my career as a management professor, I wonder if I might have done better just as a manager. There seems to be a tendency in our society to have insuperable goals set for us by our parents, teachers, colleagues, bosses and organizations – and God, of course. Probably almost no one meets or exceeds the goals – think of how few saints there are, of the millions who have tried – but the goals are there, to hopefully motivate us to try to meet the expectations around us.

Many parents tell their children that they are full of promise. I suspect that 80% then end up believing that they are in the top 20%. Creates lots of complexes.

So people should not complain about lost opportunities, if expectations about or around a person are otherwise met–at least by that 20% minority. Or by the greater number who are subject to revised expectations, which are also otherwise met.

When is failure reformatted as revised expectation?

Could be just the way it is.

Or isn’t.


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