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“He looks like a Muslim.”

…so said a friend, when observing the street. Boyfriend said “What do you mean?!”, with deliberate exclamation. Boyfriend was Muslim, as she knew. Person on the street did not look like her boyfriend. That inclination to blinker:

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Its own symmetry

Shadow of an empty full time

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Downtown Sunflower

After the rain. Looking up the street from the office and Metal height, yellow stretch Ride that bicycle somewhere

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Afghanistan, 2005. When given the vote, people overcome…

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Patty Loveless: You Can Feel Bad

You can feel bad If it makes you feel better From the Patty Loveless 1996 album, The Trouble With The Truth. 1995 single, written by Matraca Berg and Tim Krekel. Maybe because she is not writing her own songs, one … Continue reading

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Life Story

It’s for your children and grandchildren, but it’s also for yourself, so you can reflect on your own life. Eugene Perabo, “Great Stories Never Told” participant Brier Dodge, “Life story project ready for second chapter“. Metro Ottawa, August 25, 2016 … Continue reading

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…where traffic is being redirected, in the midst of creating a bicycle lane. So someone sees a direction sign up, not out, and… Grey clouds looking brighter. And directed away from the payday loans: Innovative. Or maybe a reminder of … Continue reading

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Prior to the war, there had been very little anti-Jewish feeling expressed in either Brussels or Antwerp. Although Antwerp was a hotbed of the Flemish nationalist movement, the focus of this nationalism before 1930 was almost entirely anti-French. With the … Continue reading

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The first song that went directly into my bloodstream was “All for the Love of a Girl”. Way before the Beatles and the Brit Invasion, when I was nine or ten, I got a little AM radio. But at night … Continue reading

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From the car radio in the midst of Ottawa Pride, August 21, 2016 comes Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing“. The unedited version. Guess the radio station hadn’t heard. Or maybe used in a “non-hateful manner“. Still, in the midst of … Continue reading

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