Freighted Craft

From The Debt to Pleasure, by John Lanchester (1996):

There are certain types of conversation, certain varieties of self-awareness, which only take place in restaurants, particularly those bearing on the psychodynamics of relationships between couples, who (frequent solitary diner-out that I am) I notice often eat out apparently with the specific purpose of monitoring the condition of their affair, as if breaking up were something that, by fixed anthropological principle, can only be done by installments and in public; as if it were reassuring to witness how many others were also precariously aboard the freighted craft of couplehood; as if all couples were by law compelled to take their place in a tableau of relationship conditions, with every state on display from the initial flirtatious overextension of eye contact to one of those silences which can only be incubated by at least two decades of attritional intimacy.

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