Northwest Radio

Was at Lakehead University during the fall of 1994, trying to focus on teaching and research at the Faculty of Business Administration. The hobble north, following the crash and burn, following the walk away, and don’t look/come back.

So many different aspects to northwestern Ontario. One being the importance of CBC Radio. It seemed that every informed person started his or her day with CBC Radio news, where international, national and local coverage was extensive. Before CBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 and all the music focus, the music programming also very different on CBC Thunder Bay. Later Allman Brothers suddenly being played.

Ended up being interviewed on Northwest Noon, in relation to financial institution regulation and credit union failures. When CBC Thunder Bay had a lot of independently and locally-produced news coverage. Major. And major interest.

CBC Radio so very important then. If now severely cut back, wondering if it can be replicated elsewhere within the community. Use university and community college radio as basis for something much larger?

Or just

Or much more 40 to


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