Eight Seconds: Moving Day

Found this cassette, Big Houses, by Eight Seconds. Didn’t remember playing it. Ran it through and came to this instrumental:

As the person posting to YouTube says:

Published on May 13, 2013
Great song from a great album sadly not on youtube. Had to fix that

Had wondered what had happened to this band. Ottawa-based, but getting national and international exposure in 1986 with “Kiss You When It’s Dangerous”:

With a few hundred thousand watching a video that adds little:

All start and stop, if Wikipedia is to be believed:

In March/April 1988 the band recorded their second CD, Big Houses, using band Sass Jordan-guitarist Bill Beaudoin. However, the Paul Northfield-produced album, to be released under their new label Warner Music Group, was delayed due to management issues. This material remained on the shelf until 1990, damaging Eight Seconds’ significant momentum. This, combined with the dissolution of their U.S. record label ATCO, led to the band breaking up shortly afterward.

Looking at the label on the cassette: ATCO. More merged, rather than dissolved.

Instrumental that could be in some movie, somewhere.


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