Some people can remember a particular high school teacher, such as here and here. Rare that one sees one’s entire secondary school education as being consistently excellent, pedagogically.

Came across book by Alex Levin, Under the Yellow & Red Stars (Azrieli Foundation, 2009). Published when he was 77 years old. Describing his post-war and post-Holocaust experience at a Suvorov Military School in Voronezh, Russia. State-funded boarding school specifically for boys orphaned by war, or where a war widow was unable to support.

It is the attention of the teacher that clings to memory:

The teachers at the school were the best in the Voronezh region, and I worked hard studying Russian and other subjects. I will never forget the attention I received from my teachers. A. S. Milovidov taught Russian language and literature; A. I. Darmodehina, mathematics; M.N. Postnikov, physics; S.N. Kolesnev, chemistry; P.M. Markina, geography; A.M. Kikot, French; S. V. Finin and Tutukov, physical culture (our term for gym class), and many others. I could write a lot about each one of them. They were mostly officers from the front lines of the recently ended war who had prior military and educational training. They took their task seriously, as if a great responsibility weighed heavily on their shoulders. Working now on special methods of educating and raising war orphans and children who had been brought up by single mothers in poverty and famine, they sought to turn us into the elite officers of the future. …The school took its mandate to prepare competent future military personnel seriously and made every effort to recruit the best teachers and counsellors. I profoundly thank my teachers from the bottom of my heart.

At 12 years old, and then at 77…

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