See See Ryder/C.C. Ryder

So many versions of the song, with so many involving elements of ownership, in terms of arrangements. Co-written by Gertrude “Ma” Rainey and Lena Arant, with original version by Ma Rainey released in 1924:

No further reference to Lena Arant as a songwriter, though a Lena Arant, age 55 as of 1940, is a possible point of reference. Where the intro to the song, about writing a letter, seems to be regularly dropped.

Ray Charles:

Mitch Ryder:

The Animals, where the organ and drums…

The arrangement is by late keyboardist Dave Rowberry, with drums by Barry Jenkins.


With Wikipedia as the variable source:

The song uses mostly traditional blues lyrics to tell the story of an unfaithful lover, commonly called an easy rider: “See see rider, see what you have done,” making a play on the word see and the sound of easy.


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