Wrote about him on several occasions. Informed that he passed earlier today. He being informed about terminals three days prior.

Wrote about his last public performance, as here, originally published November 30, 2015:

Energy of Performance

William Hawkins, two days ago:

Have seen these circumstances more than once.

The energy that comes, that is not there otherwise.

All for the performance.

And then total exhaustion, that the audience does not see.

When one says that an artist lives for the art…

Said that if he ever found out things were terminal, would prefer to go out with major shot of heroin, which he knew and dropped decades prior. Thought he sold some of his song rights at the time to finance consumption, but couldn’t remember.

No such shot. But still out quickly, and largely.

He called a few weeks ago, when out after 72 hours of intensive care pneumonia. Just to inform that things were all right, or at least better. The now emptied plans to get together soon.

Later man with no misery.

William Hawkins, May 20, 1940 – July 4, 2016.


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