Photo by Stephane Cardinale

From “The gloves are off” by Jessica Berens, in relation to Mickey Rourke. Originally published in Telegraph Magazine, as reprinted and edited in The National Post, March 17, 2001, pp. W6, W7:

We are at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood. He has zapped down the Pacific Coast Highway from Malibu, hunched up in is Mini. St. Victor’s, his church, is around the corner. He goes twice a week when nobody else is there. He believes in purgatory and hell and all that. He is trying to be a good person, it’s just not that easy…

As he staggered toward 40, Rourke seemed to be in the middle of either a nervous breakdown or a very bad mid-life crisis…

In among all this came his surreal decision to pursue a professional career in middleweight boxing. …he fought 11 fights in five years, made some cash, suffered two concussions, a fractured cheekbone, a split tongue and some broken metacarpals…

It has taken four years for his face to return to relative normality. In that time he has done a lot of thinking. “I have realized that if you don’t put all that away, it can ruin everything,” Rourke says. “I was out of control, but I didn’t think I was miserable. How can you when you are that wound up?”

He is heading toward 50. Is he still cute? Not quite.

Rourke, Mickey 2

And in 2016, such as here and here


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