Wrote about William Tannenzapf here and here.

Another description by William Tannenzaph of the monstrous actions of Hans Krueger:

The third person ahead of me in the line was a good-looking young woman. Krueger was riding lazily along the line on a white horse, dressed in a white turtleneck sweater and bareheaded, when he stopped beside the woman and said something to her. She released her beautiful, long black hair. He bent down and slowly patted it, and then wrapped her hair around his hand. Suddenly, he took off in a wild gallop, dragging the woman by the hair over a layer of sharp broken rocks on a road under construction. When he returned, he dumped her dead body at the feet of two Jewish ghetto policemen from the Ordnungsdienst. …As a result of these experiences, I was a star witness for the prosecution against Krueger at the Court of Assizes in Muenster, Germany, in 1966.

William Tannenzapf, Memories from the Abyss (2009), p. 18.

Went to Wikipedia, to see what was written about Hans Krueger, particularly given that he seemed to have escaped justice until over twenty years after the war ended. With the qualification that anyone can create or edit a Wikipedia page, the profile of Krueger’s post-war life, in the Wikipedia version of July 1, 2016, is of someone whose crimes were…

Postwar career

Krueger was picked up in the Netherlands at the end of World War II and held in custody, but lied about his past and was released by the Dutch in November 1948 for lack of evidence. He settled in West Germany and made a living as a traveling salesman before starting his own firm. He claimed to be an antifascist, and entered politics. At this point, the two careers of Hauptsturmführer Krueger (or Krüger) from Gestapo born in 1909, and Oberamtsrichter Hans Krüger of CDU born in 1902, began to overlap.

In the 1950s, Krueger requested a position of a civil servant. His application was turned down by the German internal security agency. He began a career in party politics, and served as managing director of the FVP Party for the Muenster district. In 1949–56, he was a chairman of the Association of Germans from Berlin and Brandenburg. Krueger ran in the North Rhine-Westphalia State Assembly elections for the League of Eastern Expellees. However, his war crimes caught up with him. Due in part to his life in the public eye, he was questioned by the authorities. Six years later, in October 1965 a formal indictment against Krüger was issued by the Dortmund State Prosecutor’s Office.

On June 30, the Wikipedia profile of Krueger then read as follows:

In 1967 he was put on trial. Krueger admitted that he served as the Gestapo Chief in Stanisławów assuming correctly that no Jewish victims were left alive to confront him, until the Polish Countess Karolina Lanckorońska appeared at his trial, tortured by Gestapo at his headquarters, but spared execution thanks to family ransom.

Noticed something missing, which was then able to be corrected:

…assuming incorrectly that no Jewish victims were left alive to confront him…

Another witness against him was William Tannenzapf, one of an estimated 1,500 Jewish persons from Stanisławów who had initially survived the war.

Before World War II, population of the city of Stanisławów was approximately 65,000, of whom approximately 25,000 were Jewish. In one day, on October 12, 1941, under the arrangements and supervision of Hans Krueger, an estimated 10,000 to 12,000 Jewish residents of Stanisławów were executed by firing squads and dumped in mass graves.

Krueger born July 1, 1909.

Correcting details of his criminal history.

With others bearing witness.


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