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From Ann Szedlecki (1925-2005), Album of My Life (2009), in relation to neigbours in Lodz, Poland, in the 1930s, who litigated to destruction of her family circumstances at the time: All this trouble was caused by God-fearing people, who took … Continue reading

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From The Debt to Pleasure by John Lanchester (1996): In all memory there is a degree of fallenness; we are all exiles from our own pasts, just as, on looking up from a book, we discover anew our banishment from … Continue reading

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Academic Black Death

In relation to the Retraction Watch website, to which both Neil Remington Abramson and I subscribe, Neil commented as follows: It’s depressing to see so much cheating. Academic research has always assumed honesty on the part of the researchers reporting … Continue reading

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Frustration, Intention

So it is found near the sidewalk. Thought it was some skateboarder trying some flip and the board shattering on a curb. Wondering why not taken away to recycle the wheels, at least. Then seeing the symmetry. Not just thrown … Continue reading

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Freighted Craft

From The Debt to Pleasure, by John Lanchester (1996): There are certain types of conversation, certain varieties of self-awareness, which only take place in restaurants, particularly those bearing on the psychodynamics of relationships between couples, who (frequent solitary diner-out that … Continue reading

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Came across 1998 article by Jacki Leroux, with photos by Tony Caldwell. Part two of a five-part series on “The Great Divide“. This one called “The Gaza Strip: Mortal Enemies”, as published in the Ottawa Sun, November 5, 1998, pp. … Continue reading

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Life Out

It was all out on the street, up the street. Not quite like the above. No person sitting, in shock. They had already been moved away. Knew them, for decades. This was the rest of the family, throwing out whatever … Continue reading

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Northwest Radio

Was at Lakehead University during the fall of 1994, trying to focus on teaching and research at the Faculty of Business Administration. The hobble north, following the crash and burn, following the walk away, and don’t look/come back. So many … Continue reading

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From the alehouse to the jailhouse

In complimenting a legal colleague on a client acquittal: When I am going from the alehouse to the jailhouse, you will certainly be on my mind. Wondered where that phrase came from. Did search and realized it was impressed in … Continue reading

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Reasonable Expectation

Have written about Nortel on a number of occasions. Came across this March, 2001 Financial Post article. It was all so predictable… Analysts query Nortel sales Financial Post, March 1, 2001, p. C1 The industry practice of recording revenue on … Continue reading

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