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William Tannenzapf
c. 1950

The first Aktion was perpetrated by the Gestapo on October 12, 1941, under the command of the infamous Hans Krueger. It was rumoured that Jews would be “resettled”…

There was no resettlement. The Jews who had been rounded up were assembled in front of the city hall, then rushed with whips, bayonets and barking dogs to the New Jewish Cemetery. There they were pushed against log open pits that had been prepared. They were shot and dumped into the pits. The crowd panicked and started pushing back from the pits, which resulted in many of the people being crushed to death. One victim was my Aunt Salcia (wife of my father’s brother, Fishel). Her daughter, Wisia, most of the family of my Aunt Necha (my mother’s sister) and [my wife] Charlotte’s father were among those rounded up and herded to the cemetery. The executioners would grab their victims’ necks using the hook side of a walking stick, assault them and shoot them. Finally, they would kick the victim–dead or alive–into the pit…

The violence against the Jews exploded on February 22, 1943. The Gestapo and their associates launched an assault on the inhabitants, murdering every Jew they could find on the street or hiding in buildings. This was the final liquidation of the Stanislawów ghetto.

William Tannenzapf (1911-2011)
Memories from the Abyss (2009)

So many memories.


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