Faulkner Inside Cover

Picked up William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying from a bookshelf, needing something quickly selected for some bus reading. Couldn’t remember if read before. Looked inside.

Wondered how ending up with something from the Bradford District High School. Maybe picked up in Ottawa in the past couple of years, or in Kitchener, over twenty years ago.

Remember the signout setup. Where every student had a text. There was never an issue of adequacy of texts. Can’t remember if there was a separate text fee. Signed out the books for a year, and then handed them back. This particular Faulkner lasting two years, between 1971 and 1973, before it ended up as a discard, or otherwise.

Wondered if William Faulkner was still studied in Grade 12. Seems so, in some form, such as via the Upper Grand District School Board, where the independent reading list for Grade 11 and 12 is more comprehensive than that remembered nearly five decades prior.

Still trying to figure this one out, assuming it was ever read once before…

Faulkner Outside Cover


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