Pigeon Race

Learn a lot about someone after a divorce, when people seem to be more free to talk more. My ex-wife and I passed by a recently torn-down building, where lots of pigeons were milling about the brick carnage. Seemed like this had been their home for some time before.

Caused my ex-wife to recall pigeon-racing on the farm. As she described it:

We would close all the doors to the barn and select a number of pigeons. We would get them to sleep by placing their heads under their wings, and then rocking them slowly. Then we would gently place them on the floor, still sleeping. Someone would then clap hands, the pigeons would awake with a start, and then start to race towards the other end of the barn. Seeing which of “our” pigeons got there first.

Turns out that pigeon racing is a recognized sport, involving reliance on the pigeons’ homing instinct.

Or maybe gentle birds who love to fly, and love to be held:

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