Danny O’Keefe: Along For The Ride

All I wanted was you by my side
Baby, you’re only along for the ride

Facebook post of Chris Marr, former state senator, and Danny O’Keefe fan:

Video effectively captures a particular mood; can’t find out who created it.

From 1984, then re-released in 2000, from The Day to Day album. Also recorded by John Denver on his One World album (1986). One of the few songs on the album not written or co-written by Denver, and the one single that Denver released from the album.

We were too young to know better
And too cool to care


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One Response to Danny O’Keefe: Along For The Ride

  1. On June 16, 2016, Danny O’Keefe commented as follows, in response to a Facebook query. Reproduced with permission.

    The video was directed by Paul Justman (he directed Standing In The Shadows of Motown) in 1990, I believe. It was for James Lee Stanley’s label, Beachwood Records. Had two top twenty singles and no distribution. C’est la gruyère.

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