Forgotten II: White Name

Wrote about the prisoners, or hostages, of the Taliban in 2001. How they were charged with the capital crime of promoting Christianity in what was then known as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. In terms of the charges, as noted in one article:

The basic charges were of preaching Christianity and trying to convert Afghan Muslims to an “abolished religion”.

If convicted, they could have faced the death sentence.

While many of the stories focused on the eight non-Afghanis, there were sixteen Afghanis who were also arrested, and ultimately able to escape, as here:

The 16 Afghan employees of Shelter Now were also safe after breaking out of Pol-i-Charkhi prison in central Kabul, one of them said.

Mohammad Nazir, 42, said in Kabul that he and his 15 colleagues broke out of the jail late on Monday as the Taliban left the capital.

They spent the night sleeping in the desert or in mosques before being reunited with their families the next day, he said.

Nazir said no-one in Shelter Now, where he worked as a gardener, had been trying to spread Christianity and rejected Taliban charges that he had changed his faith.

“This was a black spot on the white name of our family when they said that I had been converted to Christianity,” he said.

Wanted to bold “This was a black spot on the white name of our family when they said that I had been converted to Christianity”, but then thought…bold enough…

This scream of ignorance…


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