The Day Before

Uncredited article, from National Post news services, Monday, September 10, 2001 at A11(extract):

Taleban may swap prisoners

KABUL – The Foreign Minister of Afghanistan’s ruling Taleban said yesterday the hardline movement might consider swapping eight detained foreign aid workers for an Islamic militant jailed in the United States.

But Wakil Ahmad Muttawakil, quoted in the Taleban’s Shariat Daily, stressed the trial of the aid workers, accused of promoting Christianity, would first have to be completed….

Islamist sources outside Afghanistan said last week the Taleban might be willing to free the eight foreign aid workers if Washington allowed the ailing Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, jailed for life for planning guerrilla attacks, to go to Afghanistan…

Sheikh Omar, the spiritual leader of Egypt’s main militant group a-Gama’s al-Islamiya (Islamic Group) was convicted in 1995 of plotting to blow up the World Trade Center and bomb the United Nations…

Where Wakil Ahmed (rather than Ahmad) Muttawakil is said to have warned the United States about the impending attacks

And where Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, apparently with improved health, is still in prison.

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