Sometimes see the sky

From a 2001 article by retired Canadian Major Howard Michitsch, “Canadian troops in for the long haul in Bosnia”, Ottawa Citizen, September 8, 2001: A7. Article being in relation to Canada’s peacekeeping role at the time (1,700 troops), plus the state of peace, five years after the fighting had supposedly stopped:

The Muslims in Bosnia have the added assistance of Persian Gulf states. Virtually every small town needing a mosque has had a new one constructed, creating jobs in the area and a sense of stability in the town.

Not so in Banja Luka, a town in north central Bosnia. Serbs dominate the area, and hate is never far from the surface.

The mosque at the centre of town was to be re-opened to much fanfare in early May. But on the day of the opening ceremony, residents rioted, going so far as to burn the buses that brought visitors to the town for the ceremony.

The police took little action.

…during the rescheduled ceremony several weeks later, the NATO stabilization force was on hand to make sure the residents didn’t riot again.

Actually, Banja Luka is the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, after Sarajevo.

And the Ferhat Pasha mosque, blown up by Serb forces in 1993, just reopened on May 7, 2016.


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