From an article by Haroon Siddiqui, “Saudis work to define themselves”, Toronto Star, February 8, 2001, A26:

Dr. Ali Abdullah Al-Daffa is professor of mathematics at the King Fahd University in Dhahran, author of 33 books and winner of an award as the best researcher in the Islamic world. But his real passion is to pump some pride into his students who have grown up watching American television by satellite.

He reminds them of how Muslim astronomers, architects, mathematicians and natural and social scientists preserved the scientific tradition of late antiquity by translating it from Greek into Arabic, elaborating and refining it and passing it on to medieval Europe.

All this important need to know what happened in the past, in terms of the origins of the present. Wonder how many lost and found lessons in history, such in relation to aboriginal approaches to nature and medicine. First time knowledge of the medicine wheel.


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