Whitebirch Animal Hospital, Designed By John Holliday-Scott

Whitebirch Animal Hospital 1971

Saskatoon architect John Holliday-Scott is discussed here. Miriam Hills Macdonald comments further, as follows:

John Holliday-Scott was the architect who designed the Whitebirch Animal Hospital and Clinic at 1006 22nd Street West for my husband, veterinarian Dr. Donald Keith Hills, according to his specifications. It was a state-of-the -art full service animal hospital when it opened December 1st 1969. The hospital was sold in 1981 to Dr. Brian Gibbs and is now named Westward Animal Hospital.

Keith was able to obtain John’s services to build the hospital because there was a slump in the economy and John was “between jobs”. Although he was relatively new in town he was already well known for his work. In the attached photograph, taken in the early 1970s, when it was almost new, you can see that it could be mistaken for a modern building constructed in recent years, rather than 57 years ago. I wish I had some interior photos for you, but they have all been lost. I believe my daughter Debbie still has the framed certificate that was hung inside the front door showing that the hospital was certified by the American Animal Hospital Association. The waiting area was open with high ceiling and skylights and there were skylights in part of the kennel/utility room area. The decor in the waiting room and office, including the doors, was oak. The landscaped grounds, planned jointly by Keith and John, offered a pleasing and welcoming entrance. On several occasions, the Whitebirch Animal hospital won the Kiwanis award for Business Property Beautification.

Apparently there were five photos taken by Gary Tannyan for the Saskatoon Star Phoenix May 4th, 1973, of Keith in his animal hospital. They may have all been taken in his office but I don’t know for sure because I have never seen them. It’s possible that they may show some other parts of the interior. Only one (#3) was published. They are located in the SAIN archives. (Ref. code S-SP-A 7957 (1-5). They are copyright SP (expiration date 2024). If interested you may access them by contacting info.saskatoon@archives.gov. sk.ca or phoning 306-933-5832. I e-mailed SAIN several weeks ago, but so far have received no response, so will probably phone them to see if I can obtain a copy of each for my own records to share with our children.

Dr. Keith Hills died April 28, 2016.


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One Response to Whitebirch Animal Hospital, Designed By John Holliday-Scott

  1. On May 4, 2016, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows:

    The line of windows across the top of the front wall, under the roof, is reminiscent of my parents’ house. The angularity is also similar. To me, the animal hospital looks very modern and only the B&W nature of the picture hints at advanced age.

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