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Seeing more people reading books on the bus, but no one reading any newspapers, other than the thin, free ones. Seems that reading books in public has an enhanced fashion. Since so many on the cellphones, reading a book in … Continue reading

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Retraction Watch III: Expert Lens

Have written about the disgraceful academic fraud of James Hunton here and here. One person who saw things from the perspective of being an editor of an academic journal is Dr. Steve Salterio, of Queen’s University. He saw matters of … Continue reading

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Sullen Dignity

From Jack Gance by Ward Just (1989). The protagonist’s father, a business owner, has just been convicted and sentenced for tax evasion. The father refused to defend himself. My father’s sullen dignity infuriated the court, but I found it admirable. … Continue reading

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From Swamp Angel by Ethel Wilson (1954): I have not come to a lagoon for my life; one does not stay, ever, in a lagoon.

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Withdraw Myself

In relation to “Retraction Watch” and “Retraction Watch II“, concerning academic fraud in accounting research, particularly as related to unsubstantiated data, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: It’s hard for the peer review process to deal with outright fraud, especially … Continue reading

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From Swamp Angel, by Ethel Wilson (1954): Nothing is more potent and insidious than unanimity about an only child, or division about an only child.

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Retraction Watch II

Wrote about a major academic fraud scandal in accounting research. Thinking of all the research grants this academic fraud, Dr. James E. Hunton, must have received. Is anyone trying to claim the money back? Are there not criminal proceedings possible, … Continue reading

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