From a book on Aerosmith:

Aerosmith also found themselves in legal trouble when the songwriting team Holland-Dozier-Holland threatened to sue the band over the main melody in Aerosmith’s song “The Other Side“, which sounded similar to the melody of the song “Standing in the Shadows of Love“. As part of the settlement, Aerosmith agreed to add “Holland-Dozier-Holland” in the songwriting credits for “The Other Side”.

Then went to the source: Aerosmith: The Complete Guide. The author: Wikipedians. Means that the book has the same sourcing issues as Wikipedia. No footnote reference to support the threat to sue, versus a settlement following the commencement of an actual lawsuit. Could be that Aerosmith gave credit at the outset. One would have to go back to when the album was released. An earlier release version excludes them. A later digital download version includes them. So they had to sue, or threaten to sue.

Wrote about “The Other Side” earlier. Don’t see the “main melody” similarity. Some see it as a “sample”, but still:

Original “Standing in the Shadows of Love”, by the Four Tops:

Live original:

Makes one want to stop right there. Want to hear more Four Tops from 1967, in Belgium.

Original “The Other Side”, by Aerosmith:


Dancing a different tune, to each…


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