No Protection From The Rain

In relation to “At What Point The Step Out“, concerning elements of the Book of Mormon having been empirically established to be fiction, Neil Remington Abramson commented, highlighting the differences between myth and fiction.

Lorne Anderson comments further, as follows:

As a scholar, I tend to accept as Christian any group that self identifies as such, even if their theology isn’t orthodox (or sometimes not even recognizable). Groups such as the Mormons or the Unification Church would be considered Christian.

As a Christian, I would consider both those groups to be outside the pale, due to heretical theology that would disqualify them from using the brand. Christianity is actually a pretty big tent, but there comes a point where you are so far outside the tent that you have no protection from the rain. Christians tend to agree on most of the basics, but no Christian believes that Sun Myung Moon was the second Christ sent because the first one screwed up his mission.

I take Genesis far more literally than most Christians – but it’s not a huge issue, if someone wants to approach it as myth, taking a scholarly interpretation.


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