Hogan Screen

From an article by Laura Ramsay, “Putting employees to the test”, Financial Post, May 10, 1999, p. D9:

Fortunately, the hidden “dark side” of managerial personalities can also be revealed through testing.

The Hogan Development Survey detects bad bosses by using an assessment system developed by psychologists Robert and Joyce Hogan of Hogan Assessment Systems in Tulsa, Okla., using real-life data from bosses who have “gone off the rails”…

Examples include “the type of manager who will micro-manage, not delegate…the kind who take it upon themselves to do everything so their staff gets the blame when things aren’t done correctly but they haven’t been told how or given the tools to do the job because the manager is afraid to delegate,” (Sondra) Lyman says.

Bullies who pick on people when they’re under stress; managers who stress-out their staff when they themselves are under pressure, and bosses who “are conniving or back-stabbing” are also identified as personality types needing remedial behaviour counselling…

Survey is still around, and apparently used. Catchy website title: How do YOU derail?

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