Acknowledgement, Complicity

The church is now preaching reconciliation, but how can you preach reconciliation and not acknowledge your own role?

Leo Kabalisa, survivor of Rwanda genocide

Came across article from 2000 in the Catholic Register, by Michael Swan: “Report calls for church to admit role in Rwanda genocide”, Catholic Register, Junly 24-31, 2000, p. 24. Article is discussion of report to the Organization of African Unity on the Rwanda genocide. The report calls on the Catholic church to acknowledge its role in the genocide and to issue an apology. At the time, the United States, Belgium, France, the United Nations and the Catholic church were accused of failing to act, once the killings started in 1994. As of 2000, only France and the Catholic church had not issued apologies. Extract:

The OAU report blames the Catholic hierarchy for failing to use its influence to prevent the genocide, blames the Catholic school system run by White Fathers for promoting a racist ideology, and calls on the church to issue an apology…

Since 1994, dioceses across Rwanda have set up departments of reconciliation. Seminars and meetings are regularly held to examine the genocide and the church’s role both in the genocide and in the future of Rwanda. Anglican Archbishop of Kigali, Emmanuel Mbona Kolini has apologised for Anglican silence during the genocide.

Some Hutu and Tutsi priests and nuns worked hard to save as many lives as possible, and Tutsi priests and religious were killed in the genocide… Some Hutu priests also participated in the killing…

Did a search today for “Catholic church acknowledges complicity in Rwandan genocide“…

How one stays with a religion, amidst the outrages…


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