Insecure Excellence

Have discussed the weak qualification process for lawyers in Ontario and, it appears, in terms of the questionable acceptable quality of various Canadian law degrees, throughout common law provinces in Canada. Have compared the qualification processes for professional accountants, which appear to be far more rigorous and respectful of the public interest.

Major difference in the history of the professions. Never any question that lawyers were respected professionals, and self-governing as such. Accountants, in contrast, were at one point competing with each other in terms of which designation (Chartered Accountant, Certified Management Accountant and Certified General Accountant) was the more professional. This against a history of the roles and functions of an accountant being regarded more akin to a trade, or vocation, rather than being a profession. This plus the fact that anyone with knowledge of accounting principles can function as an accountant, without any professional designation.

Wondering if the greater qualification rigour for professional accountants, compared to lawyers, is due to a greater sense of a need to maintain public trust and confidence in the professional status. Lawyers rest on their laurels: “I am a lawyer” still having more social cachet than “I am an accountant”. Also for this reason that the professional accountant emphasizes such: “What does the P stand for?”

Did a search for “lawyer qualification advertisement Youtube” and “attorney qualification advertisement Youtube”


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