Came across Age of Enlightenment in the library bookstore. Part of 1966 series by Time-Life Books, Great Ages of Man (it being 1966…). This particular book in the series written by Peter Gay of Columbia University.

In Chapter 2, “A Religion of Rationality”, came across this summary diagram showing how Protestants had split into all these religious subgroups (and where Mennonites were listed among the “other sects”), while Catholics had one Orthodox subgroup–the Jesuits–and two Non-Orthodox subgroups: the Jansenists and the Quietists. Full page illustration (at page 36) is reproduced here.

Quietists described as follows:

Believed that man, to perfect himself, must become passive and abandon his soul to God. Held sacraments and confession superfluous. Condemned in 1687 by a papal bull.

Papal bull? Essentially a particularly formal declaration by the Pope, from what can be surmised.

Passivity as heresy.

Just don’t know
What it is


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