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From a book on Aerosmith: Aerosmith also found themselves in legal trouble when the songwriting team Holland-Dozier-Holland threatened to sue the band over the main melody in Aerosmith’s song “The Other Side“, which sounded similar to the melody of the … Continue reading

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Growth spurts depend on people who don’t know how bad their odds of success are. Some people hit on something, and it resonates. Came across 2001 New York Times article by Virginia Postrel, “A vital economy suffers fools gladly” (September … Continue reading

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Other Side Aisle

The kind that likes to leap without a shove In this upscale grocery store and stop, with the music overhead. Aerosmith’s “The Other Side“, from the 1989 Pump album. Doesn’t encourage one to shop, as much as to want to … Continue reading

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Law Unto

From Scott Turow’s novel, Limitations (2006). A conversation between a judge (George) and his law clerk (Cassie): George: Then why do we require proof beyond a reasonable doubt? Why is there a statute of limitations? Cassie: If you ask me, … Continue reading

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An email exchange with Neil Remington Abramson, in relation to “Intra-Organizational Anthropology”: Neil: No way of knowing about the strength of this research, from what you’ve reported. I could see how if you’d asked a questionnaire full of organizational items … Continue reading

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No Protection From The Rain

In relation to “At What Point The Step Out“, concerning elements of the Book of Mormon having been empirically established to be fiction, Neil Remington Abramson commented, highlighting the differences between myth and fiction. Lorne Anderson comments further, as follows: … Continue reading

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Intra-Organizational Anthropology

Came across a 2001 article by Reed Johnson, originally published in the Los Angeles Times, about Dr. Karen Stephenson: “Cracking the company code”, as reprinted in the Montreal Gazette, September 10, 2001, E2. A researcher who applied concepts from anthropology … Continue reading

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