Bullyism; Cowardice

Wrote about bullies.

See them. Know them. Yesterday and today.

Which comes first? The bully, or the coward who becomes the bully?

Seems to be cowardice, motivated by loathing of self or of self-circumstances.

Have a cat bullying the smallest cat. Same behaviours, across all sort of animals. The pecking order of birds…

Fundamental truth that a bully is not brave.

And then the research, by Dr. Jeana Juvonen, that contradicts one’s sentiment-based analysis:

Most bullies have almost ridiculously high levels of self-esteem, Juvonen’s research has found. What’s more, they are viewed by their fellow students and even by teachers not as pariahs but as popular — in fact, as some of the coolest kids at school.

Please don’t contradict my biases with facts.

Her data must be weak. Or her analysis. Or both.

Or the bully can still believe he is wonderful, and be popular, and still be a coward. Courage simply cannot be his or her essence.

Or, at least, hopefully no further study to contradict with facts.


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