Last Love

Also known as Mr. Morgan’s Last Love. 2013 film with Michael Caine and Clémence Poésy:

Caine as a recent widower, who is befriended by Poésy after she encounters him on a bus. Caine’s two children think Poésy is an opportunist, until his son learns more about her and understands his father’s emotions.

A film where one would have liked to learn more about the characters, via a mini-series. Instead, many critics had reservations: “mawkish and dawdling”.

Not so. Just needing more time. What is there is quite thoughtful.

Particularly important moments in a life and time:


Something must have gone right. Maybe she saw what some didn’t. Caine’s wife, Shakira, to whom Caine has been married for nearly 45 years, thanked in the credits.


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