Child Lens

…with such neutrality of innocence. Came across this 2013 article in the Ottawa Metro newspaper (via the Canadian Press):

Attack ads catch backlash from students
Canadian Press
Ottawa Metro, May 17-20, 2013, p. 9

Some Grade 5 students have some advice for Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Stop the mean, personal attack ads against Justin Trudeau.

Seven students from an Ottawa-area Catholic school have written to Harper, asking that he pull the ads, which began running within hours of Trudeau claiming the Liberal leadership last month.

Teacher Natalie Casault says the idea came from the students themselves, during a lesson on government.

To the kids, the ads looked just like cyberbullying, which they’d learned about a couple of weeks earlier.

The ads feature video of Trudeau doing a mock striptease for a charity event, his head surrounded by fairy dust, as a narrator sneeringly recounts his past experience as a camp counsellor and drama teacher.

Where the sentiments resonated widely. And where these values were translated into…


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