Model Fit

There are so many of you
White shirt and tie

In relation to “Fit Through Failure“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows:

I used to try to model appropriate attitudes for my business students by my classroom behaviour, including business attire. My profs- the ones I especially liked- did this for me when I was an MBA student. After I nearly died in 2000, from embolisms (yes, plural) to the lungs, I quit. Stopped the attitude models. It seemed enough to just be myself. More authentic. More alive.

I still teach in a dress shirt and tie. I guess it’s me, and it’s the teaching uniform of an Ivey-trained business professor, which I am.

I’ve had paying teaching gigs over the years from university administrators who knew I’d wear a tie, and valued that, when most of my colleagues didn’t.

It’s not reliable to believe the man or woman in business attire isn’t being authentic. The man or woman in jeans is just as likely to be pretending.

Always hard to tell from the outside where authenticity leaves off and marketing takes up.

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