Where One Is Not

Or part of the pattern. Was invited to major social event. High end, lots of well-dressed and successful people to be in attendance. Looking forward to same.

Then the tensions start. The pattern of social cue misreads. Difficulties in appreciating or participating in lighter conversations.

Then the decision not to attend. No option, no persuasion otherwise.

Communicate reason: You know me, too high end.

Real reason: concern as to recommencement of drinking in social contexts, some twenty years after stopping. Prospect of the self-constructed disgrace repeat, and too much older to live down.

If one ever lived “down” the incidents, the first time around. The first times upon times around.

Important to accept that it never leaves.

Also important to remember that it never leaves.


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One Response to Where One Is Not

  1. Danna says:

    So true. Worked for law firms for many years in Ottawa, Hamilton and Edmonton. Often advisable to reconsider attending particular events. Yikes…I remember the National Press Club events, too.

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