Fit Through Failure

Suit and tie
Made you look much older

Wherever possible, it would appear to be best for one to be oneself, in an organization. No new face on. Admittedly, a controlled version of oneself, but still basically the same person in and out of office.

Advantage being that one may well fail, in certain organizational contexts. They don’t like you for you, rather than for who you appear to be. Such failure turning one towards where one will be most suitable and satisfied.

There is good fortune in not being able to frame oneself in accordance with social cues. Father couldn’t be other than himself, anywhere, and failed twice into a satisfied life in a line position. Personally failed in terms of the larger law firms; failing into the smaller. Be oneself, and be properly rejected.

Assuming that one can withstand a fractured career trajectory, or no career trajectory at all.

True to oneself, on the breadline, or false face gets the mansion…

For an old, familiar face
You seem so strange

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